Saturday, March 23, 2013

It's over!

Eric slows to 45
Gil maintains 40

Johnny moves straight, T-Boning Eric. Johnny has an MG front connected to a Bumper Trigger, which DOES hit Eric, but all his metal armor absorbs it. Eric has a BT'd front Sand Discharger and Mini Rocket. The Rocket hits doing 1D-1 damage & he rolls a 1.

The ram damage is enough to take out Johnny's front armor, PP, driver and back armor - full kill to Eric.

Had Eric not slowed he might have been taken out, but since he slowed... His metal ramplate took most of the hit and the plastic underneath was destroyed, but no damage went internal.

At this point I checked for concussion effects - Eric was NOT concussed - so he has 120 points and is sitting at zero speed. He MADE his control roll, so he's not out of control.

Duel ends in Turn 7 Phase 2 with Eric Freeman at 120 points.

I hope you all had a GREAT time! I WILL be doing another event ASAP... I've already started thinking about the division as well as the arena... Still doing some looking... I'm not 100% set on either item, so if you have a preference please email me

Congrats to Eric! Good show from Johnny there at the end, and a good show from all of you.

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